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If you  are considering acquiring a lot, Cull Homes can help you evaluate the lot's potential for your intended use.  General conditions will be observed and talked about based upon our understanding of what type of home you are considering.  Soil, slope, trees, access, utilities, neighbors, easements, encroachments, legal issues, zoning, variances, setbacks, restrictive covenants and more are the many things to consider and evaluate before making a offer. Coordination of various professionals may  become absolutely necessary  based upon our experienced observations.  We are also licensed real estate broker's and will act as a Buyer's Representative at your option.  Preparation of the necessary agreements to successfully acquire a lot at terms you fully understand  and with all conditions known is our goal.


Our design work is done by a TEAM of players with Cull Homes' dedicated professionals orchestrating many talented people and firms to bring your ideas together in a wonderful completed home package to fit your budget.  Land planners, engineers, surveyors, our clients, home plan design consultants or architectural firms, interior design professionals, (including  or a designer of your choice.  We do have valuable input throughout the design stage of your project and will work within the team to obtain the best of all possibilities.


Critical to the success of any construction project.  We will provide you with comprehensive and custom Job Specifications.  These are prepared in a format that is easy to understand and is consistent with other formats utilized in our ongoing communication with  you.  Our specification are so well  written, comprehensive, and detailed that we consider them to be "proprietary property."  


Only after proper planning and implementation of the above events can a truly accurate bid/estimate be prepared.  Prior to this, only general,  rule of thumb or ball park estimating can be achieved.